About Maeri

Our Philosophy

Since its founding in 2005, MAERI Consulting has adopted a humanist philosophy to face the challenges submitted by its clients.Beside the financial and economic objectives, we include in our approach the personal and professional goals of our clients, aiming to develop their ideas for the medium and long term in order to achieve all the goals fixed.

MAERI with its humanistic and international approach develops its work with the main objective of adding value to the "ideas" and the business of its customers.

This process of valuing requires investment, management and control. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the political and economic variables, market constraints and laws, so that the decision-making becomes more accurate and effective.

Strategies in the medium and long term are based on the observation of historical facts and on projections of future scenarios. Only a correct reading of the past allows the construction of reliable future scenarios, ensuring the reduction of planning and investment risks.

We believe in Brazil and we visualize excellent opportunities!

With a consumer market still largely untapped and a deficient infrastructure and logistics network, Brazil will demand many investments in the coming decades. Consequently, the entire economy will be fostered creating new consumers and new businesses.

In addition, the market concentration process will be continued by the major international players, always in search for economies of scale and for new market share in emerging economies, searching for new customers, and other more aggressive growth strategies.

In this context we assist our customers, so they can get better results and plan the future to take advantage of better opportunities.

We believe that the productive sector is responsible for the tangibility of the economy, being more effective than the financial system in achieving profitable and socioeconomic outcomes of medium and long term.


We apply rigorously the following principles in our work:

  • TRANSPARENCY - We say what we do.
  • COHERENCE - We do what we say.
  • ETHIC - We do what we believe to be the accurate procedure.
  • PROFESSIONALISM - We deliver results.

Our Work

The fundamental pillars of our work are the profound knowledge of the market, our international view and the comprehension of our client’s necessities. Our international experience and multi-disciplinary abilities are the foundation of our services and of the solutions proposed. In addition, we rely on a network of national and international professionals specialized in different sectors. New ideas are always necessary to satisfy new needs, we believe that these ideas will emerge from collaboration and team work. Our work strategy is to be strongly pro-active: maintaining a constant study of markets and a network of partnerships and contacts in Brazil and abroad allows us to anticipate and seize business opportunities, which we can present to our clients and persons we consider to be potentially interested. Creating conditions to aid our clients in the decision making, considering all distinct players at the company´s field of action, with a special emphasis in relation to international investments, political analysis and public sector management.

Our Mission

We present to our clients a global strategic view with customized solutions, founded in economic, market and juridical analysis, allowing medium and long term decision making.

The People

  • Antonio Mariconda

    Swiss and Italian nationality, lives and works in Brazil since 1996.

    Graduated in Political Science with emphasis in Macro-Economic by the University of Lausanne (Switzerland). Mr. Mariconda has developed his professional career in the international and Latin America markets areas of a Swiss bank, acting as Director of the Brazilian office of the bank from 1996 to 2002.

    Since 2005 is Founder and Managing partner of Maeri Business and Financial Consulting, with its head office in São Paulo. For over 20 years has worked as financial and business consultant, focusing in Investments Analysis, M&A, Project Structuring and Financing and National and International Financial Engineering and Asset Protection.

  • Raphael Francalacci Schambeck Luz

    Brazilian, Attorney-at-law/Solicitor, Graduated in Law by UNIVALI/SC. He is post graduated in Procedural Civil Law by the LFG/IBDP; post graduated in Tax Law by the IBET; post graduated in Corporate and Business Law by the ESA-OAB/CESUSC.

    Mr. Francalacci Schambeck Luz is also member of the International Relations Committee of OAB/SC (Brazil´s Attorney´s Class Organization – State of Santa Catarina), Former member of Tributary Law Commission of OAB/SC (Brazil´s Attorney´s Class Organization – State of Santa Catarina), Former Titular Counselor of the State of Santa Catarina´s Administrative Tributary Court, representing the State of Santa Catarina Federation Industry (FIESC), Member of Chamber Legislative and Tax Issues of the State of Santa Catarina Federation Industry (FIESC), Former Professor of the Post-Graduation Program in Tax Law from Borges de Mendonça University, teaching the disciplines "International Tax Law and Foreign Trade" and "Legal Tax Procedure" and Founder Member of ASSET/SC – Tax Studies Association of State of Santa Catarina.

    For over ten years has worked in the tax, corporate and business areas, on contentious and preventive procedures. He is focused on the area of succession and corporate planning and also on the unburdening and recovery of taxes.

International view.

Understanding our customers’ needs.

Contact Us

  • +55 11 3078-6011
  • +55 11 3078-6011

Av. Santo Amaro 1047, cj. 702, Vila Nova Conceição, 04505-001, São Paulo/SP, Brazil

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